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America's Promise is a federally funded grant through the US Department of Labor. This grant allows community partners throughout a 7 county region to serve job seekers with education and employment assistance in a variety of different healthcare careers. Our goal is to help individuals launch their career in healthcare, or to take it to the next level! If you're interested in working with America's Promise, click one of the links below to get started.

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When Alay left Cuba for a better life in America, he had no idea that the education he had been given would not be viewed in the same way as it was in Cuba. After all, in Cuba he worked within the medical community and had numerous certifications and degrees.

Alay enrolled in a CNA Training program for ESL students. Upon completion of the program, due to his language barriers, he found it difficult to find employment. Alay continued to work with his Job Developer to find a long term care facility where his language would be seen as benefit instead of a barrier. Alay recently accepted employment with an organization looking for bilingual CNA. Alay has gone from being frustrated with his job search to being excited for the future of his career in the U.S. 


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